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Who Are We?

We are a group of high school students interested in creating a tangible impact on the renewable energy industry for the better. We aspire to connect firms, government agencies and interested members from various public and student bodies across Singapore to learn, formate and create impactful projects and discussion surrounding sustainable and renewable energy.

BiosVerde is an independent venture originally created by 4 students from the United World College of South East Asia in late 2015. Our ultimate purpose is to try and create a foundational community for synergy between the government, private corporations, community and student-led initiatives in Singapore.
The inception of our idea came when we as students realised that there was very little students and the general public could do to educate themselves and keep up to date with the latest local or international innovations and developments in sustainable energy in Singapore. All of this occurred despite governments and numerous private companies investing plenty of time, effort and money into such technologies.
With the general problem in mind, we decided that it was time to develop a centralised platform created not just to catalogue the latest technologies and policies behind renewable energy, but also to act as a space that enables interaction between government agencies, private firms and the youth population to work on sustainable energy projects for the betterment of Singapore.
Our website consists of 3 aspects. Firstly, our blog or news site, which remains updated and comprehensive thanks to the help of well-versed student journalists across and outside of Singapore. Secondly, our forum, through which our readership can engage with one another to discuss the potential for the newest ideas and innovations that are coming to fruition within the industry. Finally, our announcement and enterprise page, that will not only enable us to inform our readership about upcoming regional events, exhibitions and conferences surrounding renewable energy but will also enable any corporation or government agency involved  to post information about their insights, technologies under development and project/work opportunities in order to engage with our growing public readership in a more direct, meaningful and tactful manner.

What Does Our Platform Offer?

Our Team


Joe McWilliams Advisor
Nathan Hunt Advisor

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