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    The Latest Trends in Renewable Energy

    Educate. Innovate. Remediate.

  • How Can We Build Upon The Success of Renewable Energies?

    Our Purpose & Mission

    Educate. Innovate. Remediate.

  • Building Our Foundations, Securing Our Tomorrow

    Act & Engage with the Energy Community

    Educate. Innovate. Remediate.


Keep up to date with opportunities to gain more insight into the renewable energy industry!

Our announcements page catalogues news from the 3 aspects of our outreach program. The events page shortlists events surrounding renewable energy and sustainability occurring within UWCSEA and Singapore. The research page curates research studies offered to us by corporations, institutions and researchers who support our initiative. The opportunities page registers project collaboration opportunities offered to us by executives and companies in the industry. To participate in any listed projects, do contact us by email or through our on-site contact form.

Access each respective page to learn more about the 3 distinct aspects of our industry outreach program, or simply scroll through our catalog of most recent updates below!




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