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Category Archives: HydroElectric


Tidal energy is a renewable source of energy, produced by ocean waters during the rise and fall of tides. The Earth uses gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon to create large scale movements on oceans and seas to create tides. As a result, millions of gallons of water move around these large bodies of…
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Wave Power

Wave power, as its name implicates, is the energy that comes from harnessing the kinetic energy present in waves. While this form of energy isn’t widespread as of now due to some technical concerns, it seems quite promising, given the fact that waves contain lots of energy, and there are regions that are battered by…
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The Environmental Impacts of Hydro Power

Hydropower, also known as waterpower, has been present around the world for many centuries and is said to be one of the oldest methods of producing power. From as early as 100 BC, the Romans and Greeks generated this form of energy by inventing a waterwheel that assisted them with various daily tasks, such as…
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