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Category Archives: Nuclear

Reusable Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste has long been a concern for many countries around the world with their worries largely surrounding what to do with the waste that is produced.  Nuclear waste cannot be released into nature as it too harmful for animals and plant life. Currently, it is also very expensive to store as it needs to…
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Fusion Power Explained

Although fusion power is still in its early stages, it is slowly gaining traction as a viable alternative energy source. China recently made a breakthrough in fusion as it successfully sustained a reaction for 1 minute and 42 seconds, as compared to the current average of 20 seconds for reactors of its design. Fusion, if…
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A Step Towards Working Nuclear Fusion

A few months back, Germany had completed the world’s largest fusion reactor, dubbed the ‘stellarator’. Fusion energy has been considered, by some, to be the holy grail of sustainable energy research. Up until now scientists and engineers had been unable to design a contraption that could harness and contain the energy, as it was dangerous…
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