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Category Archives: Solar

Organizations Facilitating the Change Towards a Greener Earth

On the 8th of October 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report detailing the severity of climate change at its most recent state. The study was conducted over several years and involved 91 scientists from 40 different countries who analysed more than 6,000 scientific studies. They came to the dire conclusion…
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Solar in Space: The Final Frontier

Solar in Space: The Final Frontier We recently posted an article on a floating bed of solar panels - a massive stride towards realising the potential of photovoltaic technology that doesn’t eat up into our land space. But why should we stop there? With our energy needs predicted to double by 2100, a radical change…
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Solar: Finally, A Dependable Solution?

The Sun. Our neighborhood star and a phenomenal source of energy. Solar power is clean; it produces absolutely no harmful by-products unlike dirty fossil fuels. It is sustainable and renewable; the Sun isn’t going anywhere for a long time. However, several problems have plagued solar power from the day it was first introduced. Firstly, compared…
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